Our Offer

Yes, it really is this easy.

We are a full service global research firm offering qualitative, quantitative, and quantilative research as well as research planning and consulting, training, and organizational development. We’re also a majority women-owned business.


What makes us different? For perspective, small research agencies and boutiques don’t have the time or capacity to deliver the breadth of capabilities required to meet 90% of a client’s research needs. So, they focus on niche offerings and (in most cases) deliver them very well. But this forces clients to know who can do what – and to work across a wide array of firms in order to meet their needs. And while many of the big guys have amassed the entire spectrum of research capabilities within their networks, those networks aren’t necessarily talking to each other. Moreover, they’re not financially incentivized to be methodologically agnostic, leaving clients to wonder if they’re really getting the best of the agency.


We’ve taken a very different approach. We’ve populated our Mizzouri River with top talent across a range of capabilities that we can leverage to meet nearly every client need across virtually every global geography. And this isn’t limited to traditional research. For instance, we deliver mobile surveys in developing countries, global video immersion and transcripted video databasing, 3-D animation and virtual fly-throughs for shopper research and store design, apps for updating and disseminating research findings to geographically dispersed client teams, and more. We have access to sample providers who can cover the majority of the globe. We’re quickly revolutionizing industry approaches to concept testing, advertising and communications testing, habits and practices studies, tracking, pricing and portfolio optimization, agent-based modeling, prediction markets research, gamification, and data visualization. We’re continuously improving the research tools and approaches our clients have historically used – and always through the lens of providing better, faster, more cost effective solutions.


We’re also passionate about mixed methodologies, and the number of possible combinations within our modular set of tools is virtually infinite. The key? Rapid and fluid customization, not a static suite of inflexible products.

Here are a few examples of problems we’ve recently solved for clients.


After an exhaustive qualitative exploratory, our mobile accessories client began to suspect that a new segmentation model was emerging for the category. So, they asked us to quantitatively determine the size of the new segments – in a week, if we could.

We designed and executed a 10-question online quantitative survey with 1,000 demographically and geographically representative category consumers from a double opt-in panel. We delivered results in 3 days for $4,500.


Our film promotion client wanted to understand consumer reaction to a two-minute movie trailer and supporting poster, and needed both quantitative and qualitative feedback in order to optimize the creative.

We designed and executed a large base online qualitative (quantilative) study with 600 target consumers from a double opt-in panel. The study included time-coded heat mapping of the creative executions in order to deliver qualitative understanding as well as statistically significant data. We delivered results in 4 days for $8,500.


Our technology client needed new, more compelling packaging – and wanted to determine which of three design directions they should pursue based on appeal to their existing consumer segments. They also wanted to identify optimization opportunities, product pricing, source of volume, and a trade sell-in strategy.

We designed and executed a blended methodology  with 600 target consumers from a double opt-in panel that included large base qualitative (quantilative), a traditional quantitative survey, conjoint, and category and packaging heat mapping. We delivered results in 25 days for $70,000.

US Hispanic Habits & Practices

Our energy client needed to understand US Hispanics for the first time – their category habits and practices, their media consumption patterns, and their response to three new product concepts vis-à-vis a key competitor’s product offering.

We designed and executed a blended methodology study in Spanish that included large base online qualitative (quantilative) and quantitative, including concept heat-mapping. We meticulously screened 600 respondents from a double opt-in panel to remove respondents accessing the study from other countries – a massive watch-out for all US Hispanic research conducted in the US. We delivered results in 40 days for $47,000.

Design Evaluation

Our artisanal baked goods client wanted fast but actionable consumer feedback to determine which of five new logo designs to pursue as well as the pros and cons of each.

We designed and executed an online qualitative study with 50 target consumers that included heat-mapping to indicate positive, negative, and confusing aspects of each design (as well as qualitative rationale for the ratings). We delivered results in 3 days for $5,000.

Trade Sell-in Strategy

Our pet care client wanted to capture compelling consumer quotes to incorporate into a trade sell-in packet and that they could re-use over time for other initiatives.

We executed twenty, 20-minute filmed conversations with target consumers, and edited and transcribed the interviews before uploading to a searchable database where the client can create customized video clips and playlists for internal and external use. We delivered the research and the database in 21 days for $13,000.